About Us

Welcome to Homeschool Rocks! We are a non-profit cooperative of homeschooling families in and around Southwest Florida. We have been operating since 2016 with the goal of providing quality and inclusive, secular, educational opportunities for local homeschool families.

Homeschool Rocks! meets regularly for classes, playdates, field trips, and more from August through May! We host a variety of field trips aimed at all age ranges (recommended ages provided with individual program information). We offer various classes based on the interests of our members. Park days and other recreational activities are offered weekly. Additionally, we coordinate with local businesses, a network of educational organizations in the area, to organize fairs, expos, and other homeschool activities, such as our annual Field Day and Literary Fair.

Please visit our sister organization, Camp HSR!, to learn more about our founders, Amanda and Allison, as well as camps and other programs offered within our rockin’ network!