Parent Responsibilities

Event Registrations

For events which have a maximum number of spots, your reservation will not be held until payment is received. If you plan to pay via check or cash at the next event after registration, please let one of the organizers know (you can email us at For events which require payment, but do not have a maximum, payment must be made by the time of registration closing. The individual who organized the event often is required to make a payment to the facility so payment must be received or you will not be included in the reservation.

Certain events require a minimum number of paid participants in order to receive our group pricing so the group is depending on the reservations, and payments, for the rest of us to be able to participate. Additionally, some events require prepayment (such as ticket purchases). For these events, you will be required to fill your space before a refund will be issued. We often get inquiries from families who missed the cut-off so we will gladly help you find someone.

As a courtesy to the people working hard to coordinate our functions, if you are unable to attend an event for which you RSVP'd, even if it is a free event, please let the organizers know as soon as possible. We often plan events and bring supplies based on the number of people or children we are expecting.

Refunds will be issued for paid events cancelled by the organizers.

No Show - No Call Policy

In an effort to respect our field trip hosts and organizers, we will be implementing a fee of $10 per family when free field trips are skipped without notice. Notice must be provided at least one hour before the field trip start time via email, Facebook message or post, or text. This does not apply to field trips that required payment. If you register for a field trip that does not require payment and you do not provide notice that you will not be showing up, your account will be deactivated for future registrations pending payment of the $10 fee.

Meetings and Field Trips:

Our group is intended to be a cooperative effort. Children may not be dropped off without an accompanying adult at any of our events. Parents or another caregiver are expected to attend and assist as needed with their child. For HSR! Exclusive Classes, caregivers are expected to stay nearby, but are not required to stay in the class for children 3 and older. Homeschool Rocks! is not liable for any injury or illness sustained at any activity, nor are any of the organizing parents.

We appreciate all of the parents in our group taking a "common sense" approach, and keeping an eye out for the safety of all of the children present.

We appreciate your assistance at field trips in making sure that the children are attentive and cooperative with our hosts. We would like our group to have a great reputation when we are out and about!


Generally, parents will provide a snack for their child; occasionally there may be treats or organized snacks. We will do our best to announce these in advance so that you can make accomodations for your child's allergies and sensitivities, if they are unable to partake in the group snack. If any child has a life threatening allergy, please let us know.

Special Needs:

Children with special needs are welcome to join us, please let us know how we can help reasonably accomodate your child.

Child Responsibilities

(Parents, please help us encourage these behaviors!)

  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Respect the places we visit.
  • Listen carefully to instructions.
  • Have fun!

We reserve the right to remove from the website any member who does not respect our rules and other members.