Homeschooler Fairs

Each month, your student has the opportunity to share the skills they've acquired and the knowledge they've gained this year with other homeschool students. Dates are subject to change based on location availability, please check the date at the time of registration.

Rescheduled Due to Hurricane Ian: Historical Figure Fair

All Ages
New Date TBA at 1pm
Location TBA

Dress up as a historical figure and present a short oral report.

Register your student for the Historical Figure Fair.
Students should attend the fair in costume as their historical figure.
Students should prepare a display board or poster about their historical figure.
Students may optionally prepare a 3-5 minute oral presentation about their historical figure. (may be presented in first or third person)

Rescheduled due to Hurricane Ian: Field Day

All Ages
New Date TBA
Location TBA

Compete in classic field day events like the three-legged race and egg on a spoon relay!

Participants should:
Wear closed-toed shoes
Bring a Water Bottle and Snack

This popular event will last about 2 hours including an award ceremony at the end for participants to receive their ribbons! Adult volunteers are needed to lead their teams through the activities and record winners. Participants will be divided by age group, volunteers will be assigned to one of their children's groups unless otherwise requested.

Science Fair

All Ages
January 9 at 1pm
Location TBA

Present an experiment or demonstration of Science!

Students can choose one of three options.

Option 1: Experiment
Students should follow the steps of the Scientific Method.
1. Ask a Question.
2. Research and make a hypothesis.
3. Write a specific procedure with a control variable and an independent variable.
4. Do your experiment and record your data.
5. Analyze your data.
6. Make a conclusion.
Students should document these 6 steps on a presentation tri-fold board to display at the fair. Students may also bring their experiment to display.

Option 2: Engineering Demonstration
Students should follow the steps of the Engineering Design Process.
1. Define the problem.
2. Research and design a solution.
3. Create a prototype.
4. Test and evaluate your prototype.
5. Brainstorm improvements based on results.
Students should document these 5 steps on a presentation tri-fold board to display at the fair. Students may also bring their prototype to display.

Option 3: Science Demonstration
Students should research and demonstrate a scientific concept.
1. Research the scientific concept.
2. Design a model of the concept.
3. Build your model.
4. Identify how your model demonstrates the scientific concept you chose.
Students should document these 4 steps on a presentation tri-fold board to display at the fair. Students may also bring their model to display.

Please leave messes at home and show us with photos instead!

Talent Show

All Ages
February 13 at 1pm
Location TBA

Take center stage and show us your talents!

Student can register for a maximum of one individual talent and one group talent. Students are invited to show us their amazing talents and what makes them unique! Music can be sent in advance to ensure that it's ready for their performance. Students should bring all their own props, costumes, musical instruments, etc.

Geography Fair

All Ages
March 13 at 1pm
Location TBA

Choose a geographical location or feature to represent through the presentation style of your choice.

Student can choose to build a model, give an oral report, do a traditional dance, or any other type of presentation to showcase a geographical feature, location, or culture. Students are encouraged to be creative!

Knowledge Bowl

Elementary - Middle School
April 3 at 1pm
Location TBA

Show us what you've learned this year!

Pre-register for this competitive event. Students will be divided into teams based on age (similar to our field day event) to participate in different academic competitions like a Geography Bowl, a Spelling Bee, a Literature Trivia Contest, and more. Participants will earn points for their team in each contest. There's no penalty for incorrect answers, and all participants will be encouraged to be supportive team members and just try their best!

One contest will be a Battle of the Books style trivia competition. Students should read (or have read to them) the following books based on age:
Ages 7-9: TBA
Ages 10+: TBA

These books have several copies available at the Lee County Library, as well as digital and audio books; or for a reasonable cost on Amazon.

Art Show

All Ages
May (Exact Date and Time TBA)
Location TBA

Calling all artists!

The Alliance for the Arts will host a gallery of HSR! artwork. Students and Families can visit the gallery for a limited time to see the works on display!

Join us for our Gallery Tour Field Trip on May 13th.

1. Only one piece may be submitted per student.
2. Art must have been created this school year (July 2022-now).
3. Art must be submitted with the title, medium, and the student's name and age (an index card with the submission will suffice).
4. Only 2-dimensional art.
5. Physical submissions must be dropped off to an HSR! admin at Tuesday School, Wednesday Park Day or another HSR! event by Due Date TBA.
6. Submissions must be picked up when the exhibit closes (details will be sent via email, unclaimed art will be discarded).

Space is limited, so please only register your student if you are confident you will participate, and notify us promptly if your plans change.