Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

I signed up for an account on the website, but when I click a link nothing happens or I'm sent back to my account page.

For the safety of all HSR! families, each member requires approval by an admin before they can access event registrations and details. Some pages are available to the public, but member-only pages will not be accessible until your account has been approved.
If you signed up more than 48 hours ago, please send an email to to ensure that your registration was received. Occasionally, we may reach out for more information regarding your registration.

Where do I register for an event?

Our events are separated into several categories. Visit the page for the type of event for which you wish to register. Select "Calendar" on the menu, then choose the type of event you are looking for. If registration is open, a "register" button will appear next to the event.

I see all of the event details, but there is no "Register" button.

Registration for this event is not open. It may not have opened yet (check our facebook page, and sign up for the newsletter for updates) or it may have closed due to full enrollment or our headcount deadline.

How do I register for an event?

  1. Make your free account at Your account requires approval, which may take up to 48 hours.
  2. Select "Calendar" on the menu, then choose the event type you wish to register for.
  3. Read descriptions, age recommendations, cost and details for the offered events.
  4. Click the "Register Now" button and fill in the form.
  5. Check your email for registration confirmation (check your spam and promotions folder, if you do not receive a confirmation, email
  6. Click the "Pay Now" button or the link in your email to submit payment and reserve your registration.

What forms of payment can I use?

We use Paypal to process our credit card payments. If you do not have a paypal account, you can still checkout as a guest and use any major credit card. Cash or check is not preferred, and must be received prior to headcount deadlines.

The event I want to attend is full, can I be placed on a waitlist?

We rarely have cancellations, but when we do a post will be made on Facebook and the spots will be released first come-first served. We do not keep a running waitlist for any events.

I paid for an event, but now I can't attend. Can I receive a refund?

Refunds will not be issued once prepayment or headcounts have been submitted (usually once registration is closed), unless you can find a replacement for your reservation - often we can assist you.
Any leftover funds at the end of the year, are placed in a scholarship fund for homeschoolers who need financial assistance to participate in some of our programs.

Event Questions

Who plans the events?

Allison and Amanda are the main organizers of Homeschool Rocks! events. Occasionally, other members coordinate with us to plan an event. HSR! Clubs are planned exclusively by members after the club has received HSR! approval.
All activities in Homeschool Rocks! are planned and organized by volunteers who do not receive fiscal compensation.

Can I drop my student off?

For liability reasons, students cannot be dropped off at Homeschool Rocks! events. In many cases, you can send your student with the group as long as you stay on premises.

For drop-off opportunities, see Camp HSR! (Camp HSR! is a separate, but affiliated organization.)

What should I do if I won't be able to attend an event?

Let us know via email, text, facebook message or post as soon as you can. If we have time, we can try to fill your spot so families who were unable to register in time have the opportunity to attend. If it is a last minute cancellation, then we'll know we shouldn't wait for you to arrive and can be courteous to our hosts.

For free events, we do require at least one hour notice that you will not be attending. If you fail to notify us, our No Show-No Call Policy will be in effect, and a $10 fee will be charged to your account. Your account will be suspended until the fee is paid.

Where can I see what events are planned?

View our "Calendar" for an overview of each month's activities.
You can see details and register for each event type by navigating to those specific pages.

What are the different event types?

  • Field Trips - a one time visit to an interesting location; usually involves a special program not available to the general public; usually requires an admission fee
  • Classes - a recurring instructional event; usually the student is registered for the entire series of meetings; requires a tuition fee
  • Park Days - social events at various parks or public locations; usually no registration is required- occasionally RSVP on Facebook or via email is required; Free to participate
  • Meet-ups - social events for students at libraries, parks or other public locations; usually requires RSVP on Facebook or via email; Free to participate
  • Special Events - celebrations like Graduation; usually requires registration, sometimes requires a small fee to cover costs
  • SWFL Homeschoolers Fairs - monthly events planned in collaboration with other local educational organizations; pre-registration required; sometimes requires a small fee to cover costs
  • Clubs - social events planned by members for like-minded students to gather; application required for club approval; events posted in Facebook by club organizers
  • Support Events - events for grown-ups to learn from and support each other; usually requires no registration or fee, but sometimes childcare will be provided for a fee

Membership Questions

What are my responsibilities as a member of HSR!?

Our members are invited to enjoy the activities we have planned, while setting a good example for our students and finding your community. We do not have any planning requirements, though you are certainly welcome to offer your talents and ideas.

You can find a full list of our policies in our about us section.

Is there a membership fee?

No. Our events are all pay-as-you-go.

What is required to participate in activities?

You must be a registered member of our website, and register for the activities you wish to partipate in.