Battle of the Books

Teams of 3-6 students within their age/grade-level brackets will sign up to read and master 15 age-appropriate books. This leads up to an event where they'll compete with the other teams at their level to answer questions about all the books to earn points. The team(s) with the highest points wins! It's that simple!

Homeschool Rocks! Battle of the Books

Welcome to the 1st annual Battle of the Books!

What is Battle of the Books?

Battle of the Books is a reading comprehension competition that takes place all over the country, facilitated by states, school districts, or schools. But as with everything else, Homeschool Rocks! says it can be for homeschoolers too!

Battle of the Books will be held in Late January 2020 in a central Fort Myers location. Exact date, time and location TBA.

How do I start?

Step 1: Find 3-6 students in your age bracket, and select 1 adult Team Leader.
Step 2: Register your team of 3-6 students and pay your $25 Team Registration Fee. (Registration opens in October.)
Step 3: Each student reads the books for your age bracket (lists below).
Step 4: Submit questions about the books you read.
Step 5: Attend the Battle of the Books event.

How does it work?

This will be a single day event. Teams will compete in quiz show style competitions over several rounds separated by age level.
Answers will be submitted electronically, and teams will be awarded points for correct answers, not fast responses.
An awards ceremony will be held at the end to recognize the teams and announce the winners.

For more information: View our FAQ.

What do we read?

Download Book Lists: K-2nd 3rd-5th 6th-8th

Homeschool Rocks! Battle of the Books

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